How We Work

How are we able to deliver a design that meets your aesthetic and practical needs?

Regardless of whether we are designing a small extension, barn conversion or commercial suite of offices, several key elements to our methodology keep our focus firmly on you and your vision.


We work hard on our client and supplier relationships at every level, listening carefully to what you want. We record key decisions clearly and keep the lines of communication open at all times.  You’ll always know what to expect next, and when to expect it.

Full Service

We are happy to simply provide plans and secure planning consents, but here at Spencer Associates we love to take our projects further!

That means taking the project onto the site and through to completion which is something many architects avoid because it’s where they often lose money, or they simply find it less interesting. But this is not how we see it. Full service means from beginning to end if that’s what our clients want.

Fixed, lump-sum price

We aim to offer a fixed, lump-sum price for your entire project from inception. This involves working with contractors we trust and that we know can deliver the highest quality with integrity.   This allows us to offer our ‘design, build and manage’ package for those clients who want this.


We have a highly qualified and experienced team which is led by Rob Spencer RIBA.  Rob has worked with award-winning UK practices and has a prestigious track record and commitment to delivering innovation, creativity and practicality of design.

WOW Factor

Clients laugh when we talk about it but yes, it is a real thing!  As your architect, we are expected to deliver a further dimension – and we call it the WOW Factor! Put simply, it pools our many years of experience and creativity to enhance our clients’ visions and bring clarity of form and structure to what may just be a vague idea. We make it happen!

Happy Completion

Nothing makes us happier than to bring your architectural project through to a happy, timely and on-budget completion.  

If you would like to talk to us about a project that you have in mind – or that is currently underway and not going to plan, please contact us. Our initial consultation is free of charge.

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