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One of our existing clients, for whom we had achieved planning consent for a new house on the site of their existing house in 2019, immediately bought this derelict bungalow and asked us to obtain planning consent from the Vale of Glamorgan council for an additional floor so that they could relocate there, thus enabling the demolition of their existing house for construction to take place.

The bungalow is positioned close to the coast at Southerndown, with a view over the field to the open sea beyond.

The building was a lost opportunity, and there was tremendous scope to enhance the property in its context and provide wonderful sea views.  But it needed vision and confidence to realise this

The client had a very clear idea of what they required here and, working closely with them, planning consent was achieved very rapidly.

The design required the removal of the existing tiled roof. This was replaced by a prefabricated box section timber floor/roof, which was lowered into place by Crane., and connected to the existing via an atrium and staircase.

The entire frontage to the sea was glazed with its own full-width balcony, and this projected out providing a covered external space on the ground floor frontage also. The concept of the upper floor was an entirely open plan living area with very generous spaces for kitchen, dining and relaxation.


n.B.  at the time of writing the exterior was not finished is due to have a coloured render finish.  Update coming soon!

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The remodelling of this bungalow in Southerndown resulted in a stunning home with full sea views.


Southerndown, South Wales

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Bungalow Conversion Southerndown | Stephen Waldron Architects

Bungalow Conversion Southerndown | Stephen Waldron Architects

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